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Logic Quiz: quiz2.5

Criteria for Good Lexical Definitions

This quiz covers the material in chapter 2.5. It is due to be completed any time this coming Tuesday or Wednesday; i.e., any time between 12:05am Tuesday Oct 20th and 11:55pm Wednesday Oct 21st.

Once you sit down to take the quiz you will have only 9 minutes to finish 9 questions, so you will want to make sure you have 9 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time to take the quiz. If you stop taking the quiz at any point there will not be an opportunity to resume.

  • The quiz will cover the criteria for good lexical definitions


Chapter 2.5 of our text, Patrick Hurley’s A Concise Introduction to Logic, Tenth edition

Optional Learning Aids

Sections 2.5 of the Learning Logic program, available either on the CD that came with your Hurley book, or on iLrn.

To take this quiz

  • Review the ideas and exercises in Hurley chapter 2.4 until you feel comfortable with them
  • Make sure you have 15 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time to take the quiz
  • Login to iLrn
  • Navigate to the quiz titled quiz2.5
  • Open that quiz and answer the questions
  • iLrn will record the score of the first time you take the quiz