Dr Tom Kerns


Tarski's World

Tarski’s World is an innovative logic-teaching software application for learning the language of first-order logic. With this program you build simple little three-dimensional worlds and then describe them in logical symbols. You then use the game-like correction tool to check through your work to see if there are any places where you may have made mistakes, and it will suggest ways for you to correct them.

The CD that comes with the book also gives you access to the online Grade Grinder. This little gizmo both grades your exercises and gives you feedback on the work you’ve done.

The Tarski's World program includes 100 or so exercises, but our course requirement is for you to complete only 47 of them.

The way to start is very simple. You open the book at the beginning and read the “To the student” section on pp. xi and xii. Then turn to p. 3, read a few paragraphs, insert the CD into your computer, and then start on exercise 1.1.

One big thing I like about Tarski’s World is that the exercises start out very simple and progress only very slowly in difficulty. Many students find these exercises to be fun, or at least fun in the way brain teasers are fun.

You can do these exercises at any point during the quarter, but all 47 will need to be completed and submitted to me by the end of week 8, November 25th. Starting TW within the first two weeks of the quarter would be a good idea. You should allow yourself a minimum of three or four weeks to complete the exercises, probably more. (Your TW grade will be reduced one decrement for each day past the deadline you complete the final required exercise.)

Remember, You do need to Submit your completed exercises using the Submit function in Tarski's World, and at least one of your submissions for each exercise will need to go to me as well as to you, for my records.

Here is the list of required Tarski’s World Exercises:

In Chapter One

  • there is only one exercise in chapter 1, exercise 1.1

In Chapter Two

  • all exercises, i.e., exercises 2.1-2.28 (except you need not do exercise 2.20)
  • exercise 2.27 needs to be completed but you do not need to turn in the table

In Chapter Three

  • exercises 3.1-3.19
  • except that nothing needs to be turned in for exercises 3.6 and 3.11

Extra credit

  • Those 47 exercises are the only required exercises
  • Any exercises you might do beyond 3.19 would count as extra credit