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Grading policy

Grading guidelines
Note: These Self Evaluations are one of the absolute requirements for this course; it is impossible to pass this course without turning in complete self evaluations when they are due. (The course grade will be incrementally reduced one step for each day the SE is late.)


Instructions for downloading and completing your SE Forms can be found here

Click here to download the SE Form to use.

I. Mid-quarter self-evaluation for your work in the course.

Your first self-evaluation is to be emailed to me in the third or fourth week of the quarter. See the Assignments Page here on our class website for the exact due dates. A reminder will be posted in week three.

I. Final self-evaluation for your work in the course.

The Final SE Form should be downloaded from here, then completed and emailed to me by Tuesday (at the earliest) or Wednesday (at the latest) of the final week of class.