Dr Tom Kerns



Assignment hurley7.1

Natural deduction: rules of implication 1


This assignment is due to be completed between Tuesday November 17th and Saturday Nov 21st.

This exercise will be available from Nov 15th to Nov 30th

This set of exercises (7.1), and the next two sets as well, can be pretty time consuming, so you will probably want to start working on them early.

In this assignment you will learn:

  • the first four rules of implication
    • Modus Ponens (MP)
    • Modus Tollens (MT)
    • Pure Hypothetical Syllogism (HS)
    • Disjunctive Syllogism (DS)
  • about deducing conclusions from a set of given premises
  • how these four rules work when proving conclusions
  • how to construct proofs using these four rules of implication


  • Read chapter 7.1 of Hurley’s A Concise Introduction to Logic.

Optional Learning Aids

  • The Learning Logic tutorial on chapter 7.1


  • Login to iLrn
  • Navigate to the assignment titled hurley7.1
  • Open that assignment and do those exercises
  • You may re-do the exercises a second time if you like, and a third time, but it won’t allow you to do them more than three times.
  • iLrn will record the score you earn on the final time you did the assignment.