Dr Tom Kerns



Assignment hurley5.2

Using Venn diagrams to determine a syllogism's validity


This assignment is due to be completed by Monday November 2nd

This exercise will be available from Oct 23rd to Nov 4th

In this assignment you will learn:

  • What a Venn diagram is
  • How to diagram categorical propositions
  • How to enter shading for universal propositions
  • How to enter X's for particular propositions
  • How to diagram a categorical syllogism
  • How to determine if a categorical syllogism is valid or not


  • Read chapter 5.2 of Hurley’s A Concise Introduction to Logic.
  • Optional: Review Hurley pp 196-98 to review the Boolean vs Aristotelian standpoints

Optional Learning Aids

  • Strongly recommended: the Learning Logic tutorial on chapter 5.2, explaining Venn diagrams; Learning Logic should have come on a CD with your Hurley text, and it is also available as a learning tool on iLrn


  • Login to iLrn
  • Navigate to the assignment titled hurley5.2
  • Open that assignment and do those exercises
  • You may re-do the exercises a second time if you like, and a third time, but it won’t allow you to do them more than three times.
  • iLrn will record the score you earn on the final time you did the assignment.