Dr Tom Kerns



Your first logic assignment: hurley2.1

Language, meanings, value claims and fact claims,
and vagueness and ambiguity

This assignment is due to be completed by: Friday October 2nd

This exercise will be available from: Oct 1st to Oct 31st

In this assignment you will learn:

  • that language has multiple functions, what several of those functions are and the functions on which logic will primarily focus
  • the difference between cognitive and emotive meanings
  • the difference between
    • vague expressions, in which the meaning is hazy, obscure or imprecise, and
    • ambiguous expressions, in which the expression may have more than one distinctly different meaning


Read chapter 2.1 of our text, Patrick Hurley’s A Concise Introduction to Logic, Tenth edition, pp 74-78

Optional Learning Aids

Section 2.1 of the Learning Logic program, available either on the CD that came with your Hurley book, or on iLrn.


  • Login to iLrn
  • Navigate to the assignment titled hurley2.1
  • Open that assignment and do the exercises
  • You may re-do the exercises a second time if you like, and a third time, but three times is the limit.
  • iLrn will record the score of the final time you did the assignment